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Southern Poverty Law Center Report Includes New Anti-Gay Hate Groups

SPLC released a landmark report on anti-gay defamation. The SPLC certified several new hate groups, including well-known right wing orgs

April 04, 2014 News

Exodus’ 2011 Game Plan: Target Middle School Kids

Before parents hand their children over to this organization or get them an i-phone application, they should know the whole truth about this notorious organization

April 04, 2014 News

The Religious Right’s Violent Bully Pulpit

No matter how many youth commit suicide or adults are gay-bashed, don’t expect our foes to give up their trump card of violence anytime soon

April 04, 2014 Opinion

Porno Pete’s Truth Academy Bombs

A broad societal shift towards acceptance is the hard truth that those at the “Truth Academy” aren’t willing to acknowledge

April 04, 2014 Special Report

TWO Special Report: ‘The Stealth Bombers Meeting’ [Dispatches from Lou Engle’s Gateway House of Prayer 6/22/10]

Radical cleric Lou Engle divulges stealth strategy to harm LGBT people, America, and the world

April 04, 2014 Special Report

NARTH In The Harsh Spotlight After Rekers Caught With Male Escort

NARTH is back in the news after its most prominent board member, George A. Rekers, was discovered by the Miami New Times with a male

April 04, 2014 News

Right Wing May Day Event A Bust

“May Day 2010: A Cry To God For A Nation In Distress” was poorly attended and did not meet expectations

April 04, 2014 News

TWO Special Report: A View Inside The Right Wing Awakening Conference In Lynchburg

The Awakening Conference was sponsored by the Freedom Federation and held at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. Truth Wins Out’s Wayne Besen reported

April 04, 2014 Special Report

Linda Harvey’s Extremism On Display In Michigan

Radio host Linda Harvey applauded Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively and claimed to have worked on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

March 31, 2014 Special Report

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