whoopiAfter yesterday’s historic refusal by the Supreme Court to hear appeals on marriage equality victories involving five states, the panel on The View discussed our changing nation, making clear to Republicans and conservative Christians who are still not okay with it that marriage equality is here to stay, whether they like it or not. Republican Nicolle Wallace agreed and augmented the message from the more liberal hosts, explaining that 70% of young evangelicals support marriage equality, which means that “in 10 years, you will not even be able to find two people to debate it — in three years… The younger generation will save us from the hardened debates that we’ve seen in our lives.” 

News is just coming off the wires that the Ninth Circuit has ruled that both Nevada’s and Idaho’s marriage equality bans are unconstitutional, which just adds to a season of victories that have come faster than any of us ever imagined. Yes, it is here to stay, and we’re a better nation for it.

On a personal note, I’d like to extend my personal congratulations to one of the attorneys who argued before the 9th Circuit on behalf of Nevada, Marek Bute, with whom I happened to go to high school. Not only is he celebrating this victory, but also his own wedding to the love of his life last week. Congrats to Marek, his husband, the rest of the winning legal teams and the people of Nevada and Idaho. At this rate we’ll have nationwide equality by lunch next Tuesday.