If United Nations General Assembly President Sam Kutesa feels any responsibility whatsoever to uphold universal human rights rather than lend rhetorical support to the climate of vicious anti-LGBT hatred in his native country of Uganda, it was not on display during his current official visit – as UNGA President – to Uganda during which Kutesa suggested that the Ugandan push for severe anti-gay legislation and country’s ongoing anti-LGBT rights crusade did not present a substantial obstacle to his controversial June 2014 nomination, opposed by human rights activists in the US and UK, to head the UN General Assembly.

According to a January 28, 2015 story in the Uganda Observer titled “Kutesa lashes out at pro-gay activists”, UNGA President Kutesa stated, “It is not a problem. I had been nominated by my country Uganda and the African continent had endorsed me.” Reported the Observer, “To drive the point home that the pro-gay could not succeed in blocking his candidature, Mr Kutesa used an adage: ‘No matter how much noise the frogs make, they cannot stop a cow from drinking water.’ ”

As head of the NYC-based Blackstar News Milton Allimadi declared in a Change.org petition opposing Kutesa’s position as UNGA President, “hostility towards the LGBT community goes against everything the United Nations is supposed to stand for — the protection of human rights for all regardless of race, national origin, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.”

In a Change.org petition calling for the firing of Kutesa from his UN position, Allimadi interpreted Kutesa’s anti-gay rhetoric thusly:

“In other words the LGBT community is so inconsequential that it can croak as much as it wants (like frogs) but it had no bearing on his getting the job of President of the General Assembly (‘drinking water.’)”

Allimadi’s Change.org petition for Kutesa’s ouster may have some traction given that his NYC-based Blackstar News has reported a looming Kutesa ethics scandal:

“In addition to his homophobia the United Nations has been protecting Kutesa over a scandal whereby he illegally enriched himself by billing the United Nations nearly $30 million without disclosing that while Uganda’s foreign minister he was also Chairman of a vendor, ENHAS co., that had a multi-million dollar UN contract as reported on The Black Star News.”

As Blackstar News has previously reported, Kutesa, and the Ugandan Museveni regime to which he is attached, are implicated in extensve government corruption and Ugandan government abuse of human rights on a massive scale.