Christopher Doyle running away from Joe Jervis (Joe.My.God) at the 2010 NARTH protest in Philadelphia.

Christopher Doyle running away from Joe Jervis (Joe.My.God) at the 2010 NARTH protest in Philadelphia.

Just the other day, the city council in Washington DC  voted unanimously to ban “ex-gay” torture for minors. Similar bans have passed in New Jersey and California, both of which have been upheld on appeal. The Supreme Court effectively upheld California’s law when it refused to hear the case, brought in part by the Liberty Counsel, to overturn that state’s ban. Apparently the Liberty Counsel was unfazed by the Supreme Court telling them to please go away, because they’re now appealing New Jersey’s “ex-gay” ban:

Today Liberty Counsel filed its Petition for a Writ of Certiorari in King v. Christie, Liberty Counsel’s case on behalf of licensed mental health professionals who are providing, and families who are receiving, counseling to overcome their unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or identity. The Third Circuit upheld New Jersey’s ban on change counseling, but its discussion of the law created a circuit split on the issue of the appropriate level of scrutiny applied to regulations of professional speech and also on the issue of whether counseling in this area constitutes speech at all. Liberty Counsel is asking the High Court to resolve those critical questions on the rights of licensed professionals. “If counseling regarding change is banned today in New Jersey, tomorrow a different legislature with an opposite political agenda could ban affirmation and allow only counsel regarding change,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The state thwarts self-determination when it interferes with the counselor-client or doctor-patient relationship,” Staver concluded.

And what, dear readers, is the age-old definition of insanity? Yes, that would be “doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.” I would expect no less from such an esteemed group of attorneys as the Liberty Counsel.

Meanwhile, Christopher Doyle of Voice Of The Voiceless, who testified during debate on New Jersey’s bill, has some bizarre comments about the DC council’s vote:

“Tuesday’s unanimous decision by the D.C. Council is a victory for gay pedophiles everywhere, but especially in the District. Now that sexually abused and confused minors will no longer have the ability to see a licensed mental health provider in the District to help them reduce unwanted same-sex attractions due to sexual molestation, there will be less reports of sexual abuse by D.C. children, because they will increasingly be indoctrinated by D.C. -based organizations, such as HRC, that they are born gay and may not seek out treatment for their homosexual feelings brought on by pedophiles such as HRC’s Terry Bean. The real torture that is occurring is a life-time of hopelessness that a sexually abused child will have to undergo after they are raped by the likes of HRC’s Terry Bean. No wonder HRC was one of the key supporters of this bill. Their headquarters are in Washington, D.C. and they need to ensure access to as many young boys as possible to keep their leadership satiated. Now we have a better idea as to what Terry Bean may have been doing for those ten hours per week that he is listed as ‘serving’ on HRC’s Board of Directors.”

Terry Bean is innocent until proven guilty and if he is found guilty, he will face the consequences. Of course, all sane people know that the alleged crimes of one person have nothing to do with the greater leadership of the Human Rights Campaign. If we were to use Doyle’s accident-prone logic, we’d have to assume that most of Christopher Doyle’s colleagues and allies in NARTH, PFOX, Voice Of The Voiceless and Liberty Counsel molest little girls, as Doyle has admitted that when he was younger, he tried to have sex with little girls who attended his mother’s daycare:

“I tried to have sex with the little girls that my mother watched in her daycare, and eventually, one of the girls told her parents what I was doing. The shame that was placed on me by my parents was more than I could bear. Rather than rescue me, teach me, and put me in counseling, the ‘bad boy’ was left alone to deal with all of this shame.”

As there is no evidence that Doyle’s admitted behavior is endemic to his movement, we, unlike Doyle, will not be making any insane allegations about his colleagues and allies. During New Jersey’s hearing, Doyle approached Truth Win’s Out’s Wayne Besen, who also testified, leading to the following exchange:

For whatever reason, Doyle approached Besen at the hearing — and again afterward in the State Assembly cafeteria — which gave Besen the opportunity to ask the “ex-gay” therapist: “How old were the girls you said you tried to molest at your mother’s daycare facility?”

Doyle was cagey and refused to answer the question. His responded by appearing perturbed and claimed that he could not tell me the truth because, “you would use it against me. You would try to harm me.” To which Besen replied, “Yes, I will use that information against you. But, if you did nothing wrong, there will be nothing for me to use. Why can’t you answer a simple question and tell the truth?”

At that point, Doyle became agitated and left the area where food was being served. Truth Wins Out hopes Doyle will eventually come clean — particularly because he has a penchant for working with children. Potential clients should know about Doyle’s past before they send their kids in for his so-called therapy.

To date, Christopher Doyle has still not answered that question. One would think he wouldn’t be so flippant about making DSM-IV worthy remarks about “victories for gay pedophiles” and the Human Rights Campaign leadership when his movement has such a long, documented record of child abuse and his own past, and Doyle’s own testimonials about his past leave casual bystanders worried about the welfare of any children he comes in contact with.