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Former ‘Ex-Gay’ Activist Yvette Cantu Schneider Recants Past Work, Speaks Out For LGBT Equality

Truth Wins Out congratulates Yvette Cantu Schneider and appreciates her candor

July 29, 2014 News, Press Release

What Do Don Feder And The World Congress Of Families Think About YOU?

Don Feder and the World Congress of Families believe that they must take control, here and abroad, in order to reorder society to their liking

July 16, 2014 News, Special Report

CARE Report Ties Hobby Lobby Case To Funder of National Prayer Breakfast Group, “The Family”

According to a new report from the Center Against Religious Extremism (CARE), a dense web of connections links the secretive evangelical network that hosts the

July 16, 2014 News, Press Release

Becoming Evil: The Ex-Gay Industry As a Handmaiden To Genocide ?

Through its claim that gays can be "cured," the ex-gay industry opens the door to mob violence and anti-gay laws

May 15, 2014 News, Special Report

Will Economic Inequality Undermine LGBT Equality?

As the American middle class contracts it is worth considering the ramifications this might have on LGBT equality

April 04, 2014 News, Opinion

SPLC Adds Seven New Organizations To Anti-Gay Hate Group List

Without fanfare, the Southern Poverty Law Center has made several important additions to its list of anti-gay hate groups

April 04, 2014 News

TWO Attends Values Voter Summit 2011 in Washington (Oct. 7-9)

TWO attended the conservative Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC that was sponsored by the Family Research Council, American Values, and the American Family Association

April 04, 2014 News

Southern Poverty Law Center Report Includes New Anti-Gay Hate Groups

SPLC released a landmark report on anti-gay defamation. The SPLC certified several new hate groups, including well-known right wing orgs

April 04, 2014 News

Exodus’ 2011 Game Plan: Target Middle School Kids

Before parents hand their children over to this organization or get them an i-phone application, they should know the whole truth about this notorious organization

April 04, 2014 News

NARTH In The Harsh Spotlight After Rekers Caught With Male Escort

NARTH is back in the news after its most prominent board member, George A. Rekers, was discovered by the Miami New Times with a male

April 04, 2014 News
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