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The United States Of ‘Reagan’: Vignettes From The Religious Right’s Marriage Meltdown (UPDATED)

Social conservatives dive head first into the deep end of panic and paranoia -- and throw laughable tantrums

October 23, 2014 Opinion

The Religious Right’s ‘Just Lie’ Strategy Is Finally Starting To Backfire

Habitual lies erode credibility of extremist groups. Their whoppers keep getting more elaborate, transparently desperate, and less believable.

October 22, 2014 Opinion

The Catholic Church’s Small Shift On Gays

The message for gay Catholics: We have a place for you, as long as you know your place

October 14, 2014 Opinion

Is ‘Pro-Family’ Meaningless, Or Is It A Metaphor?

The extreme right has cynically twisted the meaning of "family" beyond recognition. They are traumatized by a rapidly changing world

October 10, 2014 Opinion

Laurie Higgins: Libraries Should Have Books About Kids Being Happy When Gay Parents Die

One of the side effects of the equality currently sweeping the nation is that no longer are the religious right figures opposing us able to

September 05, 2014 Opinion

Religious Right Wishes To Discriminate Freely Without Criticism Or Repercussions

Today we have the tale of the latest religious right martyrs, they who have given their very lives for the deeply held beliefs they hold

August 13, 2014 Opinion

The Lousy Legacy of Richard Mellon Scaife

There are few villains who have done more damage to the cohesion of America than Richard Mellon Scaife

July 07, 2014 Opinion

Is Abortion Still Legal?

In the Deep South, the barriers to having a safe abortion are becoming unreasonable. Either abortion is legal or it isn’t – and it is

May 22, 2014 Opinion

How Will The South Handle Marriage Equality?

Times are changing in a region long resistant to change. As the LGBT movement migrates south, bonds with LGBT family members will trump fundamentalism

May 22, 2014 Opinion

America’s Extreme Right Has A Patriot Problem

Right wing stalwarts are cheerleading for Mother Russia and are openly touting their affinity for Vladimir Putin in the middle of an international crisis

April 04, 2014 Opinion, Press Release
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