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National Christian Foundation Index #1: From Russia To Uganda, the War on Gay Rights Leads to The Gathering (2014)

Learn about the biggest source of right wing funding the media has never told you about

September 22, 2014 Special Report

The Secret Antigay U.S. Money Behind The WCF and the Global Evangelical War on LGBT Rights

An examination of the extensive financial ties between philanthropists and evangelical leaders at The Gathering

September 18, 2014 News, Special Report

Chick-Fil-A Vice President on Board of “Biggest Anti-LGBT Funder In America”

Despite reports to the contrary, buck_mccabeChick-Fil-A's support for anti-gay activism continues to this day and goes right to the top

July 29, 2014 Press Release, Special Report

The Lousy Legacy of Richard Mellon Scaife

There are few villains who have done more damage to the cohesion of America than Richard Mellon Scaife

July 07, 2014 Opinion

Transcript, The Gathering 1997: “The Homosexual Agenda”

Remember that infamous "ex-gay" ad campaign in 1998? Find out how it was funded as part of a secret plan against "organized homosexuality"

June 13, 2014 Uncategorized

Becoming Evil: The Ex-Gay Industry As a Handmaiden To Genocide ?

Through its claim that gays can be "cured," the ex-gay industry opens the door to mob violence and anti-gay laws

May 15, 2014 News, Special Report

How Antigay American Fundamentalists Indoctrinated Russia’s School Children, 1992-1997

“Never mind the Big Macs. The former Soviet republics are now opening their public school doors to teaching about Christianity” — USA Today, November 10,

May 04, 2014 Uncategorized
The Gathering

The Gathering: The Religious Right’s Cash Cow

At this event, elite plutocratic funders of the Religious Right dole out upwards of one billion dollars annually in grant money

April 30, 2014 Press Release, Special Report

Truth Wins Out Commends Southern Baptist Leader’s Denunciation Of ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

When a senior Southern Baptist leader makes such statements to fellow Baptists, that is progress.

October 28, 2014 Press Release

Is ‘Pro-Family’ Meaningless, Or Is It A Metaphor?

The extreme right has cynically twisted the meaning of "family" beyond recognition. They are traumatized by a rapidly changing world

October 10, 2014 Opinion
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