youngbloodBishop Duane Youngblood of the Higher Call World Outreach Church wrote a book in 2006 called Freedom From Homosexuality:  No Longer Living The Lie:

[The book] detailed what he said was “the enemy’s plan against him.”

Since I have not read the book, I cannot confirm or deny whether or not “the enemy” frequently takes the form of teenage boys who come to him for counseling, but he says he’s not “living the lie” anymore, so I imagine that’s what the book is about:

According to KDKA, Higher Call World Outreach Church Pastor Duane Youngblood was charged on Saturday with corrupting a minor.

The 21-year-old victim told police that Youngblood began molesting him at the age of 16 during counseling sessions at the church in Homestead.

A criminal complaint said that Youngblood took the boy in a back room of the church, instructed him to pull down his pants, and touched him inappropriately during their first session. The victim estimated that Youngblood abused him in 25 out of 30 to 40 counseling session until the “sexual activity” ended in 2011.

Bishop Youngblood pleaded guilty to similar charges in 2008, stemming from sexual abuse that he inflicted upon another teenage boy in 2006 — the same year that book came out! Because when you say “ex-gay industry,” the first thing I think of is integrity!

When Wayne Besen posted this story on his Facebook page, he remarked:

It seems nothing helps cure one of his homosexuality like touching a pastor’s penis. This seems to be a frequent technique to assist with praying away the gay. Such crimes of opportunity are the fault of “ex-gay” programs who place vulnerable and desperate youth in the hands of repressed closet cases with religious hang ups. Ex-gay groups are really creating the conditions for abuse to occur. They ought to stop.

They are veritable incubators for sexual abuse.

Here is news video: