Revelers at the Up Your Alley street festival. (Credit:  Porno Pete's personal collection)

Revelers at the Up Your Alley street festival. (Credit: Porno Pete’s personal collection)

Like a Deadhead with a Volkswagen bus, Peter LaBarbera, better known as Porno Pete, has hit the road for yet another fetish sex festival. A couple of weekends ago, Pete attended the Up Your Alley festival in San Francisco, a solid 2,108 miles from his home in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Truth Wins Out’s new home of Chicago.

Though our work has expanded with the Center Against Religious Extremism (TWOCARE), we feel that in the interest of being neighborly, we should check in on Porno Pete every now and then and see what he’s up to on the (NSFW) website of his anti-gay hate group, Americans For Truth.

Pete explains, as if by surprise, that he saw quite a lot of nudity at this clothing-optional street festival dedicated to fetish-type stuff:

I saw more exposed penises and butts in a few hours at the Up Your Alley fair than I’ve seen in a lifetime–and that includes diaper-changes for my five kids. It got real old, real fast.

Once you’ve been to a few thousand fetish sex festivals, you’ve been to them all, I guess. In order to truly sow the seeds of hatred and enmity against LGBT people, Pete has (of course) posted many pictures that he took in San Francisco. He mentions in passing that there were also straight people there, but the intent of these posts is to scare his limited (in more ways than one) group of followers into believing that “this is what LGBT people are like.” The truth, of course, is that some people, of all sexual orientations, are into fetishy stuff, and that many more are not, but that doesn’t matter, because the ways in which people consensually get off are really none of Porno Pete’s business! You’d never see me at one of those festivals, but I know a few people who do attend, and they’re wonderful people.

His interest (read: obsession) is prurient at best.

In posting his (NSFW) pictures, he explains how he goes about censoring the photos:

WARNING: Rear nudity, offensive photos and graphic descriptions; as always, AFTAH will block frontal nudity but we will publish photos with rear nudity.

Because Americans For Truth is an ass man, we guess. What Wayne and I are so curious about is why had to travel 2,108 miles in order to bring us his latest fetish-sex photo shoot. International Mister Leather was in Chicago (just outside of which, again, Porno Pete lives) just a few months ago, and Pete couldn’t even muster up a blog post, only citing the event in a later screed wherein he attempted to make the case that masculinity, when expressed by gay men, is “fake.” Presumably, we are all Tantalus, forever reaching for the grapes of such paragons of masculinity as religious right figures Porno Pete, Matt Barber and disgraced “chaplain” Gordon Klingenschmitt.

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The true faces of masculinity.

If you’d like to read Porno Pete’s Porny Post about his vacay to San Francisco, you may click here.