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The Hobby Lobby Case and The Alliance Defending Freedom’s Ties To Christian Reconstructionism

TWOCARE explores some disturbing links from those behind the Hobby Lobby case

July 02, 2014 Press Release, Special Report

Truth Wins Out Praises Texas Democratic Party For Fighting Against ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy In Party Platform

CHICAGO — Truth Wins Out today praised the Texas Democratic Party for standing up against the quackery of “ex-gay” therapy, adding support for a ban

July 01, 2014 Press Release

Truth Wins Out Pleased By Supreme Court Denial Of Challenge To California ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Ban

CHICAGO — Truth Wins Out is pleased today that the Supreme Court denied cert to a challenge to California’s ban on harmful, ineffective “ex-gay” therapy for minors.

June 30, 2014 Press Release

Truth Wins Out Calls Hobby Lobby Ruling One Of Worst In Modern Supreme Court History

CHICAGO — Truth Wins Out strongly condemned today’s Supreme Court ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which granted privately held for-profit corporations the right to

June 30, 2014 Press Release

Creating Havoc: John A. Howard, The Brain Behind The World Congress Of Families

John Howard is the brain behind the World Congress of Families. This group has persecuted LGBT people across the globe. What is Howard's ideology?

June 18, 2014 Press Release, Special Report

TWO’s New Mission – Please Support Us

TWO's Center Against Religious Extremism shines a floodlight on a global menace. We must educate the world before it's too late

June 12, 2014 Press Release

TWO Calls Texas GOP’s Support For ‘Ex-Gay’ Programs Backward and Uncivilized

The Texas GOP is infamous for its medieval mindset that gleefully embraces backward thinking. It is no surprise that the platform supports discredited quack science

June 06, 2014 Press Release

TWO Strongly Urges the United Nations to Rebuff Uganda’s Sam Kutesa in Bid to become President of the United Nations General Assembly

The elevation of Sam Kutesa as UN General Assembly president would place tyranny above diplomacy and make a mockery of the United Nations

May 22, 2014 Press Release
The Gathering

The Gathering: The Religious Right’s Cash Cow

At this event, elite plutocratic funders of the Religious Right dole out upwards of one billion dollars annually in grant money

April 30, 2014 Press Release, Special Report

TWO Launches Center Against Religious Extremism with $100,000 Matching Grant from Philanthropist Henry van Ameringen

TWOCARE will monitor, counter, and ultimately serve as a bulwark against those who would drag the world back to the Dark Ages

April 29, 2014 Press Release
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