If knowledge is power, Truth Wins Out was the World’s Gym of LGBT activism in 2014.

This year, our innovative Center Against Religious Extremism produced groundbreaking research that exposed the Religious Right’s vast underground funding and operational networks. The organization commissioned star researcher, Bruce Wilson, who worked with our staff to produce critically important original work that you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • The existence of “The Gathering,” an annual conference where right wing philanthropists funneled nearly $1 billion to opponents of LGBT equalitywayne_besen1_thumb
  • Deep profiles on the leaders of The World Congress of Families, the primary American group behind Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law
  • A special report detailing how American Christian fundamentalists infiltrated Russia after the fall of the Iron Curtain and hijacked their public school curriculum
  • The creation of an encyclopedia showing how the powerful National Christian Foundation provides pivotal financial support for the international and domestic anti-LGBT movements
  • Continued monitoring of the “ex-gay” myth

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In 2014 we took a divergent path. After reviewing the research, we determined that there was a dangerous “information gap.” We decided to help fix this glaring weakness by spending the year “following the money” and tracing how our enemies were funding their nefarious campaigns.

Without providing hard, verifiable facts, it was too easy for the media to dismiss claims of a global campaign against LGBT people as fear mongering. Truth Wins Out has succeeded with our efforts and can now credibly show the media precisely how our enemies operate.

In 2015, our plan is make our research findings widely available to the media and public, so people can vividly see and clearly understand the threat posed by our foes – whether it is in America or overseas. Will you help us today in our efforts to inform, educate, and fight back?

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