Peter LaBarbera wants to know who will be the Rosa Parks of his hate movement.

Peter LaBarbera wants to know who will be the Rosa Parks of his hate movement.

In light of the recent victories that have all but assured that the movement for marriage equality has won once and for all, the Religious Right has been going through bizarre stages of grief as they, one by one, accept their loss. Conservative politicians are mostly giving up the fight, which is unsurprising since the constituency for anti-gay bigotry is shrinking fast. Of course, many of those politicians never really cared one way or the other about discriminating against gays, but simply pandered to the Religious Right in order to get their votes. (We’ve been telling anti-gay activists that they were filling the role of “useful idiots” for these politicians for years now, but they never believed us.)

There are some fringe activists, of course, who pathetically think their movement still has legs, and that they are the true victims in all of this. One of the most ridiculous of these, Porno Pete, is now asking who will stand up and be the Rosa Parks of their movement of hate and religion-based discrimination:

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, visited Janet Mefferd’s radio program yesterday to discuss his call for “civil disobedience on a massive scale” to protest marriage equality and “the gay thought police.” The two agreed that the anti-gay movement is ready for its own Rosa Parks to spark a national outcry with an act of civil disobedience…against marriage equality.

“One of the watershed moments, if not the watershed moment, of the civil rights movement was when Rosa Parks just said, ‘I’m not giving up my seat on the bus, I’m not doing it,’” Mefferd said. “And this sweet woman ended up becoming this massive hero and she didn’t have any other idea behind it other than she didn’t think it was right and she was correct in that. Seems to me we need a Rosa Parks moment and I know we’ve had some of those already where they’ve gone to court over it, but just say, ‘Do your worst, I’m not doing this, I’m not going to do this because this is against my conscience.’”

LaBarbera insisted that governors should flout court rulings striking down same-sex marriage bans and urged anti-gay activists to emulate anti-abortion “sidewalk counselors,” who protest abortion by approaching women entering clinics.

Actually, Rosa Parks was not simply a “sweet woman” that “didn’t have any other idea behind it other than she didn’t think it was right.” Rosa Parks was a seasoned, strong, brilliant activist for her movement. We are not surprised that Porno Pete and Meffered are completely ignorant of the Civil Rights Movement, the language of which they want to co-opt in order to protect their right to yell “God Hates Fags.”


I’m curious how one would go about being the Rosa Parks of bizarrely fixated anti-gay bigots. Since the Religious Right has lost absolutely nothing in the wake of marriage being opened to gay couples, what exactly does Porno Pete imagine would be the Montgomery bus moment for his movement? Their right to yammer on about God hating fags hasn’t been curtailed. They’re not being compelled to marry someone of the same gender. Right Wing Watch wonders whether they plan to do their anti-gay song and dance at gay weddings. I have no idea.

Later in the interview, Porno Pete complains that he is being “censored” by pro-gay groups, arguing that if they are such horrible bigots, we should WANT their words to be spread far and wide, as it would help our cause greatly. He’s absolutely right, and that’s why the movement for equality has dedicated so much time and energy to quoting people like him verbatim, sending their words out into audiences they could never reach on their own. If we hadn’t been spreading their words far and wide, nobody outside of the fringe right echo chamber of anti-gay activism would even know who Peter LaBarbera is. Porno Pete isn’t being censored. Indeed, lately he’s been very, very upset that the Human Rights Campaign did a lengthy profile on him as part of their “Export Of Hate” series, which collects much of his life’s work and activism in one handy place, so that people may easily read his words for themselves.

Let’s listen to that part of the interview as well, so that we may not be accused of censoring poor Porno Pete: